Welcome to Coach Curtis  History!! I  have set up this blog as a way to allow you access to resources that will help you succeed in APUSH, Academic US/VA History, and World History 1.

This blog will be different from the class website as it will not only serve as a way to catch up on material you may have missed due to absences, but also a way to extend our lessons each day outside of the classroom, using this blog  you will have the ability to post cool things that relate to the information we learn in class.

I would like all of you to treat this blog as an online learning community, in which we all have a voice in the information shared. You will be able to comment on post created by me and/or other students. You may even post news articles and other findings you may have come across on t.v. or online.

Let’s take FULL advantage of the technological capabilities we have, and fill this blog with post, comments, questions, and any interesting info you find that ties into material we are currently covering or material we have covered in the past!!

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